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Washingtonville Middle School counselors foster each student’s social, emotional and academic development to maximize their educational potential. Students are assigned a guidance counselor based on the first letter of their last name. 

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Nicole Michaels

Guidance Counselor
Ext. 21514
Grade 6: A-F
Grade 7: A-C
Grade 8: A-De

Kathleen Martin-Brown

Guidance Counselor
Ext. 21516
Grade 6: G-L
Grade 7: D-La
Grade 8: Df-Li

Kimberly Pietris

Guidance Counselor
Ext. 21513
Grade 6: M-Rh
Grade 7: Le-R
Grade 8: Lo-Q

Molly Iafrate

Guidance Counselor
Ext. 21517
Grade 6: Ri-Z
Grade 7: S-Z
Grade 8: R-Z

Mrs. Lindsey Krauss
Office Staff
Ext. 21511